A partnership between All Too Human X Baja East

Traditionally, art & fashion are – and always will be – a platform for uniting us, and for creating open dialogue that allows us to talk productively about the challenges we all face personally, professionally, and socially. How we choose to interpret our world today will shape the conversations and actions of future generations. The BE UNITED campaign, led by the designers of Baja East, and supported by All Too Human, is an ongoing initiative with a dual mission:

  • To create a positive outlook and outcome through art and fashion for the next generation to celebrate, learn about and inspire conversation about what unites us as humans.
  • A platform for coming together and uniting around efforts to help those in need, while teaching the next generation how to give back and help others. 

The BE UNITED campaign launched on October 6th as a short series of “selfie” videos from Baja East designers John & Scott, and industry peers and luminaries who also share the same goal of creating stronger human connections and a positive outlook for the next generation. Each individual has responded to the same question:

 Given today’s social, political and environmental climate, why is it important for us to Be United, and how can we best come together to make changes that impact not only ourselves, but future generations?

Presented by All Too Human x Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art

The Institute of Contemporary Art presented the BE UNITED campaign with Baja East at the museum on October 6th, during their monthly “First Friday” fashion event. The one-day installation spoke to the marriage between Art and Fashion as a platform for uniting us as humans, showcasing the Baja East S18 collection, while videos of the BE UNITED conversations played in the background. The designers will give three 15-minute talks on their brand and inspiration behind their social campaign. Guests will be encouraged to contribute to the BE UNITED dialogues by uploading their own selfie videos, which will be live streamed to Instagram under #BEUNITED .
Prior to the First Friday event, Baja East’s John & Scott worked with two Boston students from the museum’s Teen Art Council to design custom BE UNITED sweatshirts, using the student’s artwork. The collaboration pieces will be sold exclusively at ATH and the ICA retail shops to commemorate the initiative between Baja East x ATH x ICA. During the evening event, there will also be a Baja East pop up shop, and a BE UNITED project in the art lab. Proceeds from that evening will go towards supporting the ICA’s Teen Arts Education Program.  All proceeds thereafter will support CFVI hurricane relief efforts.
“Given what’s going on in the world today, from gender and race inequality, to environmental disaster relief, the lens that youth are growing up in can appear dismal. BE UNITED is a social initiative to address these things in a way that is timely, relevant, impactful and inspiring” – John Targon, Founder & Creative Director, Baja East.



LOOSE LUXURY - a new kind of fashion and lifestyle concept pioneered by Baja East, the globally inspired luxury brand based in New York City, established in October, 2013 by Scott Studenberg and John Targon.
Embodying a “go anywhere” attitude, the duo combines west coast laid-back cool with a city street edge in pieces that are as elegant as they are effortless. The brand built a name for itself effortlessly blurring the lines between men’s and women’s with its core concept of ambisexual dressing that continues to thrive. Over the course of 15 seasons they have developed new layers of red- carpet-ready to off-duty dressing, specifically targeted to women. Baja East is coveted on and off the red carpet by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid.



The Institute of Contemporary Art strives to share the pleasures of reflection, inspiration, provocation, and imagination that contemporary art offers through public access to art, artists, and the creative process.

The primary activities of the ICA are threefold: 

  • To present outstanding contemporary art in all media, including visual art exhibitions, music, film, video, and performance, that is deserving of public attention and has not been presented in depth to Boston audiences
  • To provide innovative experiential learning opportunities for people of all ages through direct encounters with artists and art-making
  • To design interpretative programs that provide context for, develop appreciation of, and add meaning to contemporary art and culture



 At the ICA, we believe that robust arts education—including learning by doing—is critical to building future artists, audiences, and engaged citizens, and we aim especially to create a more equitable education for urban youths. The ICA’s award-winning teen programming has grown exponentially in the past decade, pioneering programs that have not only succeeded but also changed the national conversation around teen arts education. The institution now serves approximately 8,000 area youths annually, most of them at no cost, and popular programs such as Teen Arts Council and the national Teen Convening have become models for peer institutions, inspiring the creation of similar programs or regional offshoots around the country. Members of our Teen Arts Council and Fast Forward programs, among others, return year after year, becoming familiar faces that we get to see learn, grow, do amazing things, and head out into the world.